Getting Started

Hello and welcome to Christian House Share. Feel free to browse the advertisements, and if you're interested in accessing more of the functions, please login.

How does it work?

Register and then login to post an ad. You can post an ad to either say you are looking for a flatmate, or for a property. When someone contacts you, you will receive a notification to your personal email address. You can manage your account settings by logging in and clicking on your name.

Does it cost anything to use the website?

No. It is completely free to use the website. Once the site is fully functional, while it is a not for profit venture, a nominal fee or advertising will be introduced to cover costs and make it self sufficient.
What type of accommodation suits you?
Long term stay
  • Looking for a new home
  • Looking to share with others
Short term stay
  • Looking for a place to stay for a fixed length of time
  • Sharing with others or renting the entire place
  • Could be useful for a number of reasons, eg. attending conferences, study courses, relocating, holidaying etc.
House sitting
  • When landlords go on a holiday they may look for tenants to live in their home while they are away. This provides security and care for pets and plants. Terms are negotiated on a case by case basis.




Do advertisements expire?

Yes. After six months the advertisement is automatically hidden from view, but not deleted. An email will be sent to you with a link should you wish to show the ad again.