What is a Christian?
A Christian is a person who believes in and accepts Jesus Christ as their God. They will be on a journey learning how to honour God by following His teachings in the Bible. Find out more about Christianity here.
Why is the search function not working?
Please update your browser to the latest version. Older versions of Mozilla Firefox (v22 and earlier) do not enable the search button to function.
I can't find my suburb, what do I do?
Please let me know via the contact form. This sometimes happens as new suburbs are created or the initial list may not have been complete. I will add your suburb to the database as soon as I hear from you.
Why can't I find a "Post an Ad" button?
If you have Adblock Pro or Plus enabled, the button will be blocked. Please 'whitelist' the url, or temporarily disable it so that the button will display. We are looking into a better fix for this.
How does this website cover costs?
This site is not for profit. At the moment I have a passion to develop the site for the benefit of the christian community. However, over time, a nominal fee or advertising will be introduced to cover costs to make it self-sufficient.
Why place an ad if I am looking for accommodation?
Posting an ad will increase your chances of finding a match as other people will be able to contact you if they are interested.
How do I hide or delete my ad?
Login, and click on your Name in the top right blue menu bar, which will to take you to your Account information. Go to the “My Ads” tab, and click on the button to either hide or delete it. If you choose to hide the ad, it will remain stored until next time you wish to use it.
Do the advertisements expire?
After six months you will be sent a reminder to check your ad is still current. The ad will automatically be hidden from public view, but not deleted. You are able to un-hide your ad easily by logging in, go to 'My Ads' - 'Show'.
Are there similar websites in other countries?