Some discussions you could have with a potential landlord…
Rental agreement/cost/payments
What are all the bills that will be required to be paid apart from rent, and a rough idea of their costs?
Is there a bond and when is it required to be paid?
Is the rent required to be paid weekly, fortnightly or monthly?
What payment methods are available?
How much notice do I need to provide when I choose to leave?
What happens when other tenants leave with respect to finding new tenants and the cost of the vacant room?
Questions about the house and neighbourhood
What furniture is in the house?
Is it ok for me to bring my own pieces?
What appliances does the house have?
What is the security of the place like?
What are the noise levels like during the week and on the weekend?
What are the neighbours like?
What is in the nearby area? Transport, supermarkets, restaurants, lifestyle activities, etc.
What is the parking situation like? Is street parking easy to find for visitors?
Questions about the housemates
Can you meet all the other housemates?
What’s usually done with sharing food and cleaning?
Are there any household rules to be aware of?
What are people’s schedules/lifestyles like?
Are there any regular uses of the place, such as weekly bible study groups or book clubs?